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We wish you a pleasant tour inside the magical world of jewelry and diamonds.

Diamonds are combined with effulgence, beauty and luxury

Check out the colors, the designs of precious stones ensuring to yourself a unique journey.

Our services


Our company works with an expert scientist with knowledge in physics, chemistry and geology; with the help of special equipment he can identify both the origin and the authenticity of gemstones.


Diamond Price has a fully equipped laboratory, our machines are of the latest technology combined with our experienced staff, we are able to repair your jewelry.


Our technical experts can modify your jewelry and can transform it into any design you wish. We may modify the cutting of the stone and the draft of metal.


Having already made the assessment of the diamonds from our distinguished stuff we can offer reliable and transparent prices. The fluctuation of prices is always to the benefit of the customer.

Why we are the best

Diamond Price specializes in purchasing precious stones, but the things that makes us trustworthy are: